Like for Like Valves



Like for Like valves are exact duplicate replacements to valves already installed and in service. They can replace the existing valves without requiring an engineering justification and can be provided for the full range of Crane brands (Crane, Chapman, Pacific, Stockham, Xomox, Flowseal, Aloyco, Flomatics, Walworth equivalent) . When you need an exact duplicate valve that will fit exactly into your installed base of valves, Crane Nuclear can provide that valve. The valves will be built to the original manufacturing bills of materials and drawings with the same dimensions and general materials of construction. Crane Nuclear can certify the new valves as being identical to those originally provided (frequently during initial plant construction). The parts in the new valve will be interchangeable with the parts in the originally provided valves. Since it is certified as being identical to the original valve, there is no need to justify the replacement. You need to do no equivalency evaluations. Your engineering requirements are limited to the removal and replacement of the currently installed valve.
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