Votes Infinity Calibration Systems



The Crane Nuclear VOTES® Infinity Automated Calibration System (VICS) provides hardware and software designed to simplify and automate the calibration of the VOTES® Infinity Data Acquisition Unit (DAU), Contacts Cable Assembly (CCA) and Eddy Current Signal Conditioner Assembly (ECSCA). The supplied hardware includes cabling, meters, switching relays and a multiplexor to automatically advance the calibration process between the twelve ports on the DAU without user intervention. The hardware is contained in a table top enclosure that includes a storage drawer for cables when not in use. It is designed to connect directly to an industry standard Fluke Calibrator that functions as both the source and the standard for each port on the DAU, CCA, and ECSCA.


The software for the calibration system is a Windows based application that automatically configures the source for verification or calibration of all the applicable voltages, currents and gains applicable to each port throughout the calibration process. For a complete calibration of all 12 ports on the DAU the user connects the DAU unit under test to the VOTES® Infinity Calibration System using universal cables supplied with the calibration system. The system then steps each port through a series of inputs and checks the DAU response to be sure it is within the required tolerance. Any out of tolerance readings are displayed on the screen and on the test report. When port one calibration is complete, the multiplexor automatically switches to the next port without user intervention and the process continues until all of ports are completed. All of the steps are recorded on the report that is automatically generated showing the standard, the measured value, the tolerance range, the calculation used to derive the tolerance, and pass/fail. The report includes all of the system and standard information required to support the results. Using the VICS, calibration of a VOTES® Infinity DAU can be completed automatically and unattended.



VOTES® Infinity System Deliverables

VOTES® Infinity Automated Calibration System without Source:



Part Number


101-86000-000VOTES® Infinity Automated Calibration System (w/o Source) includes:
1 12 Channel Automated Switching Multiplexor Assembly
1 Eddy Current Signal Conditioner Interface Assembly*
1 Contacts Cable Assembly Contacts Break-Out Box
1 Assembly, Agilent 34970A* - Includes:
1 Digital Voltmeter, HP34970A
1 Matrix Module Assembly 4x8, HP34904A
1 Multiplexer Module Assembly 20:1, HP34901A
1 General Purpose Switch Module Assembly, HP34903A
1 19" Rack Mount Table Top Enclosure with Storage Drawer
1 Assembly, VOTES® Infinity Calibration System Accessory Kit - Includes:
6 Universal Calibration System Cables (12")
6 Universal Calibration System Cables (15")
2 Universal Calibration System Cables (10')
1 VOTES Infinity DAU Power Supply Adapter Cable
1 VOTES Infinity DAU/ECSCA Ethernet Adapter Cable
1 USB 2.0 Interface Cable (10')
1 GPIB to Calibration Source Interface Cable (1 meter)
1 Ethernet Patch Cord (10')
1 AC Power Cord (6')
1 User Manual
1 VOTES® Infinity Calibration Software (Current Version)
1 MCP-85.0 – VOTES® Infinity DAU Calibration Procedure (Current Revision)

 *Indicates calibrated Equipment.  Calibration interval is 1 year  



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