Pressure Seal Wedge Gate Valves


Design Features & Benefits

  1. One-piece flexible wedge resists sticking or binding due to thermal expansion
  2. Streamlined flow path minimizes pressure drop - ASME
  3. T-head stem eliminates jamming of wedge

Pressure Seal Wedge Gate Valves - Benefits

Flexible wedge

The flex wedge is a one piece, fully guided cast wedge with a central hub to allow the seating faces to move relative to each other thus compensating for distortion of the body seats due to thermal expansion or piping loads.
Seat ring and wedge seating surfaces are set on a 5 degree angle from vertical to minimize sliding contact of the wedge and seat ring during opening and closing. Wedging actions help affect a tight seal in low differential pressure services.
Flexible wedge construction resists wedge sticking or binding in services where the valve may be closed when hot and opened when cold. Seating surfaces are hardfaced to provide high cycle capability in very high differential pressure services.

Pressure Seal Wedge Gate Valves - Benefits - Feature

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