Pressure Seal Lift Check Valves


Design Features & Benefits

  1. Direct access to seat through bonnet opening simplifies maintenance
  2. Hard faced seats and discs prolong service life
  3. Simple design minimizes maintenance requirements


Pressure Seal Lift Valves - Features and Benefits


  • Rugged simple design
  • Simple design suitable for high pressure service
  • Easily maintained in the field
  • Direct access to the seat through the bonnet opening
  • Easily replaceable discThe Lift Check … companion for globe valves

Lift checks operate automatically by line pressure. They should be installed with pressure under the disc.

Like the globe valve with its indirect line of flow, the lift check is restricting to flow. For this reason it is generally used as a companion to globe valves.

Service involving frequent flow reversals or fluid pulsations should be avoided. Locating check valves no closer than ten pipe diameters from pump discharge or five pipe diameters from elbows and other flow diverting means can minimize or eliminate problems in most installations.

Lift Check valves are designed for installation in horizontal pipe runs.

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