Two Piece Tilting Disc Check Valves


Materials of Construction

Tilting Disc Materials of Construction

1. Body Inlet Half
2. Body Outlet Half
3. Disc
4. Pivot Pin
5. Body Gasket
6. Body Studs

7. Body Stud Nuts
8. Bearing Cap Gasket
9. Bearing Cap
10. Bearing Cap Studs
11. Bearing Cap Stud Nuts
12. Dowel Pins

Description Material
Inlet Body ASTM A216 WCB W/13 CR Overlay Seat
Outlet Body ASTM A216 WCB
Disc 13% CR Overlay
Pivot Pin ASTM A479 Type 410
Body Gasket Stainless Steel Spiral wound Graphite
Body Studs ASTM A193 B7
Body Nuts ASTM A194 2H
Bearing Cap ASTM A516 Gr70
Bearing Cap Gaskets Soft Steel
Bearing Cap Studs ASTM A193 B7
Bearing Cap Nuts ASTM A194 2H
Dowel Pins Carbon Steel


  1. Standard construction: WCB-Trim 8, other options are available.
  2. The table lists typical materials of construction. Actual materials will meet customer requirements.



Standard body design configurations

The seat, disc and pivot pins are combined into one subassembly secured to the inlet side of the body with a locking ring in sizes 3" (80 mm) and smaller. This construction avoids the need for extending the pivot pins through the valve body. The seat formed on the end of the inlet body section by cobalt base alloy hard facing deposit in sizes 4" (100 mm) and larger. The pivot pins supporting the disc are inserted through capped and gasketed bearing bosses in the outlet section of the body.

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