Noz-Chek Valves


Materials of Construction

Noz-Chek Materials of Construction

Item No. Part Name CS Valves SS Valves
1 Body A216 GR WCB A351 GR CF8M
2 Disc2 A351 GR CF8M A351 GR CF8M
3 Seat2 A479 TP 316 A479 TP 316
4 Disc Stem A479 TP 316 A479 TP 316
5 Disc A/R PIN* 316 Stainless 316 Stainless
6 Spring Inconel® X-750 Inconel® X-750
7 Guide Housing A479 TP 316 A479 TP 316
8 Guide Bushing Nitronic 60 Nitronic 60
9 Seat O-Ring3 Viton W/FEP Jacket Viton W/FEP Jacket
10 Grub Screw Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
11 Retaining Ring A479 TP 316 A479 TP 316
* A/R = Anti-rotational



  1. Above table represents typical materials of construction. Actual valve can be made-to-order, as per customer specifications.
  2. Disc and/or seat can be provided hardfaced. Resilient seats also available.
  3. Other materials, including silver plated Inconel, are available.

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