Tufline Sleeved Plug Valves


Materials of Construction

3-Way Valves - Materials of construction

Standard body and plug materials:

  • 316L stainless steel (ASTM A351 GR CF3M)
  • Carbon steel (ASTM A216 GR WCB)


Other materials available including:

  • 316 stainless steel (ASTM A351 GR CF8M)
  • Alloy 20 (ASTM A351 GR CN7M)
Body and Plug1 316 SS, Alloy 20
Hastelloy B & C
Carbon Steel Monel Nickel
Sleeve Tefzel, UHMWPE, FEP, TFM, Carbon Filled TFM4
Adjusting Bolts2 304 SS / 316 SS    
Cover CF8 / CF8M Carbon Steel CF8 / CF8M
Cover Bolts3 304 SS / 316 SS Steel 304 SS / 316 SS
Thrust Collar 304 SS
Metal Diaphragm 304 SS 304 SS Monel
ResilientDiaphragm UHMWPE, FEP, TFM, Carbon FIlled TFM
Wedge Ring UHMWPE, FEP, TFM, Carbon FIlled TFM


  • Above table listst typical materials of construction.
  • Actual materials will meet customer requirements.



  1. Various combinations of body and plug materials are available.
  2. Adjusting bolts will be either ASTM A 193 GR. B8 or B8M.
  3. Cover bolts for carbon steel bodied valves will be ASTM A 193 Gr. B7. Cover bolts for alloy bodied valves will be either ASTM A 193 Gr. B8 or B8M.
  4. When specifying a Carbon filled TFM sleeve, the plastic diaphragm and wedge ring are also Carbon filled TFM material. Valves with Carbon filled TFM sleeves are supplied with a tertiary top seal as standard.

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