Tufline® Side Entry 3-Way Sleeved Plug Valves


Design Features & Benefits

Tufline non-lubricated sleeved plug valves are available in a side-entry, 3-way configuration.

This valve incorporates the unique features and benefits of the Tufline line of valves including superior sealing performance and long service life with virtually maintenance free operation.


The Tufline side-entry 3-way valve adds the advantage of more compact, flexible, and economical system design and operation.

 3-Way Valve Features and Benefits

No Pockets or Cavities

Unlike many other 3-way valve designs, Tufline sleeved plug valves have no cavities to entrap contaminating media. This is an important consideration for food and pharmaceutical applications.


For applications such as polymers, chemicals, salts, slurries, brines, muds, plastics, or sewage, there are no cavities where the flow media can collect and solidify.


Self Cleaning

Metal lips completely surround the valve ports. With each rotation of the valve, any scale which may have collected on the plug seal surface is broken-up and wiped away.


Variety of materials

For maximum versatility, the Special Products Group offers Tufline 3-way side entry sleeved plug valves in a variety of standard and high-alloy metals.


Increased Flow Capacity

As compared to Tufline’s bottom entry 3-way sleeved plug valve, the side entry valve typically offers higher flow capacity.


Pressure/Temperature Ratings

Pressure and temperature ratings for standard sleeved plug valves apply with the exception that the pressure drop should not exceed 170 psig at 100°F while switching.


Plug/Flow Arrangements


3-Way Valve Features and Benefits

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