Crane Nuclear Air Operated (AOV) Valve Training Courses

Crane Nuclear valve and actuator Training

Ensuring safe performance is vital to personnel safety and plant profitability. A typical nuclear power plant has hundreds of motor-operated valves, air-operated valves, check valves, and electric motors that require knowledgeable operation and maintenance to preserve the necessary high level of safety.

Crane Nuclear provides superior nuclear valve training courses to facilitate personnel proficiency and maximize operations of these highly regulated facilities. Our nuclear services and training courses have helped to streamline valve maintenance and testing practices, extended the life of existing equipment, and maximized efficiency in every U.S. nuclear power plant that has used our services.

2024 Open Enrollment

Crane Nuclear’ s open enrollment courses are designed to allow students in need of training to purchase individual seats. Open enrollment is ideal for situations such as recertification, change of responsibilities and continuing education.

Course Descriptions

Air operated (AOV) valve TRAINING courses

The following courses are available upon request. Please contact for more information.
Description Pre-Requisite Standard Class Size Max. Class Size Course Days
AOV Instrument Maintenance & Repair None 6 8 5
Principles of Air-Operated Valves None 6 8 3
Votes Infinity AOV System Usage AOV Data Acquisition & Analysis 6 8 3
Control Valve Maintenance AOV Data Acquisition & Analysis 6 8 5
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