An Alternate Career Path after High School – The Crane Nuclear Valve Institute

Take a Dive into the Crane Nuclear Valve Institute:

June 5th was not an ordinary day for Crane Nuclear. We took a big leap into what was the kick-off day for our inaugural Crane Nuclear Valve Institute (CNVI) Class. From the orientation breakfast to the meet-n-greet, the excitement and smiles could not be contained. The Crane Nuclear Valve Institute offers an alternate path through career technical education for recent high school graduates, or those seeking a skill-based career. Students take an in-depth 6-week class to become a valve technician working seasonally in the field at nuclear power plants. Once the students have graduated, they will be a technician apprentice and work their way in the role of certified valve technician by gaining experience in the field.

An Inside Look at the Program:

Brent Crumrine, the instructor for the class, sent out an email about the experience, “I cannot stress enough how great this first week has been, nor can my descriptive powers do the students level of excitement and involvement justice. I wanted to share some moments with you all from this week and how rewarding it is to see all our efforts coming to fruition!”

Recent high school graduates gaining hands-on valve experience at the Crane Nuclear Valve Institute
Recent high school graduates gaining hands-on valve experience at the Crane Nuclear Valve Institute

The Crane Nuclear Valve Institute had a momentous graduation ceremony for its very first class. Seeing all the hard work the CNVI Team has put into this was expressed not only through the team but through Brent and the students. The students were grateful for such an opportunity and all the work the CNVI Team and Crane Nuclear family put in to making the course a wonderful experience but also making them a part of the family.

What our students had to say about the Valve Institute:

During the Graduation Ceremony, the CNVI Valedictorian, Matthew Anderson, had a few words to say that touched people more than expected. Here is a portion of what he said,

“Finally, I want to thank everyone that has worked on this program. I feel like I could live several lifetimes and never get to experience something quite like this again, and it’s thanks to all of you and your hard work. Over the past 6 weeks the primary emotion I have felt is gratitude. I feel this gratitude because things like this don’t happen on their own. It takes the bravery of an individual to say that something could be done better…the care and integrity of leadership to support improvement…and the determination of a team to turn ideas into plans and make those plans a reality. This program is a testament to his company’s high standards of quality and personal responsibility, and I am thankful to benefit from the effort and foresight of everyone who has been a part of creating this program.

None of us can tell what the future will bring, but I’m proud to be taking the next steps of my future as a part of this team and look forward to all of us showing you that your hard work has paid off.”

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