Creating the next generation of valve technicians for the Nuclear Power Industry

The Crane Nuclear Valve Institute provides hands-on, practical valve training with industry-expert instructors.

Learn from the pros in the field and be a part of the clean energy revolution!

What’s In It For You?

“The college track isn’t for everyone. Certified Valve Technicians can earn a full year’s salary working seasonally. Meaning, that you’ll have summers and winters off to focus on what’s most important to you. If you’re looking for an alternative path that pays well and gives you the freedom to enjoy your time off, then consider becoming a Valve Technician.

After a 6-week course at our facility in Kennesaw, Georgia, you will become a Valve Technician trainee. As a trainee, you get the opportunity to work in the field with our experienced Valve Technicians who will teach you the ropes of the job. Once you have achieved the equivalent of 1 year of experience, you’ll become a certified valve technician yourself supporting the nuclear power industry”


Seasonal Work


Short training course


No College Degree Required


Travel opportunities


Team comradery


Career Technical Education (CTE)

Why Choose Crane Nuclear

Crane Nuclear specializes in valves and valve services for the nuclear power industry.
We are the industry experts in our field. We’ve been training new field technicians for over 20 years.

Expert Instructors

Hands-On Training

State of the Art
Training Facility

Small Class Size

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