Standard C-Clamp for VI by Crane NuclearStandard C-Clamp for VI by Crane Nuclear

Sensors and Peripherals

C/D Clamps



The C-Clamp and D-Clamp are a family of sensors use to measure the thrust on MOVs and AOVs.

  • Mounts to Threaded or Unthreaded portion of the stem
  • Measures Seating thrust
  • Measures running thrust (near seat)
  • Supports ASSISTTM technology for automatic recognition with VOTES® Infinity

The C-Clamp and Mini C-Clamp product line, formally referred to as “calibrators”, are strain-gage type diametric expansion sensors that are temporarily applied to the valve stem.  They fit inside the yoke and around the valve stem. These Clamps are particularly suited to industrial applications.  The temperature limit for standard calibrators is 150ºF (66ºC).  The purpose of these devices is to provide direct thrust measurement on the valve by sensing the diametric expansion of the stem.  The calibrated sensor’s deflection sensitivity is converted by computer to a force sensitivity value using the physical and material properties of the stem.


We have various sizes of clamps for VOTES® Infinity ranging from 0.375 to 5.500. These clamps are available in mini, narrow, standard, and extended sizes.  We also have clamps that are conducive for high temperatures.


If you have any questions relating to the specific clamp needed for your situation, please reach out to us.  Information on our contact page provides you with the specific contact information.



  • Temperatures up to 150ºF supported for non-high temperature clamps
  • C/D-Clamps are designed, manufactured, and validated under Crane Nuclear’s Appendix B, Quality Assurance Program QAM-1.
  • Refer to Engineering Reports ER-5.0 (MOV) or ER-25 (AOV) for details regarding the accuracy of the C/D-Clamps

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