Digital Torque Switch Transducer (TST) by Crane NuclearDigital Torque Switch Transducer (TST) by Crane Nuclear

Sensors and Peripherals

Digital Torque Switch Transducer (TST)



The Torque Switch Transducer (TST) uses a rotary encoder to measure angular movement of the torque switch during actuator operation.

  • Magnetically mounted
  • 360-degree range
  • ASSIST enabled
  • Measures torque switch rotation
  • Measures spring pack displacement on actuators with geared torque switch
  • The angular movement is directly proportional to the amount of spring pack compression
  • Rotational movement can be translated to inches of axial spring pack displacement using a calculation incorporating the physical dimensions of the torque switch gear. The output signature is similar to that of the DMT
  • The TST mounts on the torque switch center shaft and is secured in position with the torque switch limiter plate screw and a mounting rod
  • Mounting hardware allowing easy installation on most operators is provided

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