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Duo Chek Valve



Duo Chek Valves provide non-slam, bubble tight performance in a compact, lightweight package.

  • Lightweight and compact wafer design installs between mating flanges with 10 to 20% the weight of flanged swing checks in popular sizes – Saves money in initial valve cost and provides lower installation cost.
  • Dual Plate, Flat Seat Design – Plate heel is lifted first by design to prevent seat wear. Gives superior performance and tight shutoff with resilient seats.
  • Independent Spring Action – Maximum deflection of 140°, provides improved valve response and longer life – Saves money with longer valve life and improved system performance by reducing water hammer.
  • Independent plate suspension with unique – hinge design (larger sizes) improves valve response and reduces friction forces by 66% – Further assurances of non-slam performance with faster valve response.


  • Full range of body materials
  • Full range of trim materials

Size Range

  • 2 thru 36

Pressure Rating

  • Class 150 thru Class 2500

Temp Range

  • Up to 1000 °F (Carbon steel valves w/metal seats)
  • Up to 1500 °F (Stainless steel valves w/metal seats)
  • Up to 900 °F (Monel valves w/metal seats)
  • Up to 400 °F (Aluminum Bronze valves w/metal seats)
  • 250 °F to 400 °F (Valves with nonmetallic seats depending on seat material)

Stockham/TRW Mission

  • Style G
  • Style H
  • Style K
  • Style X

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