High Performance Butterfly Valve 16 inches by Crane NuclearHigh Performance Butterfly Valve 16 inches by Crane Nuclear

Butterfly valves

High Performance Butterfly Valve



The Crane Nuclear Flowseal soft seated High Performance Butterfly Valve utilizes a patented seal which provides bi-directional bubble tight shutoff.

  • The use of a patented seat enables soft seat valves to offer a bi-directional bubble tight shutoff (zero leakages) as measured under applicable standards. This unique seat design creates a self-energized seal in vacuum-to-low pressure application
  • The soft seat is designed for high services with minimal wear and low torque. Seat replacement is a simple operation, requiring no special tools.
  • Optional bi-directional sealing
  • The high-performance butterfly valve is a double offset design
  • 360 degree sealing seat area
  • long life of seat due to early disengagement of the disc from seat
  • reduced torque figures compared to zero offset butterfly designs
  • Overtravel stop – prevent disc from rotating into the wrong quadrant


  • Full range of body/bonnet materials
  • Full range of trim materials

Size Range

  • 2 thru 36

Pressure Rating

  • Class 150 thru Class 600

Temp Range

  • Up to 180 °F (Valves w/UHMWPE Seats)
  • Up to 300 °F (Valves w/Tefzel Seats)


  • LA
  • LC
  • WA
  • WC


  • 801
  • 803
  • 806
  • 811
  • 813
  • 816

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