Motor Current Probe - Ic Probe (100 Amp) by Crane NuclearMotor Current Probe - Ic Probe (100 Amp) by Crane Nuclear

Sensors and Peripherals

Motor Current Sensors



A variety of clip-on style Current Transducers (CTs) or Hall Effect Probes are used for measurements of AC or DC currents.

  • Allows detection of motor degradations
  • Supports Fast Fourier Transform analysis
  • AC and DC measurement possible
  • When used with the optional High Voltage attenuator, allows measurement of Motor Power

Crane Nuclear provides 100-amp and 1000-amp clamp-on type AC current transducers for measurement of motor current.  For DC measurement, Crane Nuclear provides clamp-on Hall Effect type current probes.  DC probes are dual range (user selectable) allowing a single probe to be used for high or low current situations.


We offer Motor Current Sensors ranging from 100 to 600 Amp.


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