nuC Model 1250 by Crane NuclearnuC Model 1250 by Crane Nuclear

Sensors and Peripherals

nuC™ Stem Force Sensor



The nuC is a family of sensors used to measure the thrust on MOVs and AOVs.

  • Mounts to threaded or unthreaded portion of the stem
  • Measures seating thrust
  • Measures running thrust (near seat)
  • Small radial profile allows use on a large number of valves
  • Supports ASSIST TM technology for automatic recognition with VOTES® Infinity

The nuC™ Stem Force Sensor from Crane Nuclear is a portable valve stem force sensor delivering optimum accuracy and stability with an improved circuit body and element design. Benefiting from Crane’s experience as the industry standard in portable stem mounted thrust sensors, the nuC design features a smaller radial profile which fits into tight yoke configurations.  This allows for use in applications where other stem-mounted sensors fail.


The sensors are strain-gage type diametrical expansion devices that easily mount on the valve stem.  The product line offers a range of sizes designed to fit stem diameters from 0.25” to 2.25” on either the unthreaded portion of a valve stem or on the threaded area of single and double lead stems.  This revolutionary design measures thrust by sensing the expansion and contraction of the stem as force is applied.  nuC™ uses any Crane Nuclear Software, which on threaded stems analyzes the sensitivity, stem material and dimensional properties to provide the user with accurate thrust data.  The nuC sensors are fitted with an ODU connection end that mirrors the connection ports on the VOTES Infinity Valve Diagnostic System.  Those customers who wish to use nuC™ with an older diagnostic system will require the VI to Viper Strain cable (p/n 01-85074-035).


The sensors can function in temperatures up to 170°F and are approved for use on all safety-related components in power generating and industrial facilities.


We have a variety of nuC™ Models ranging from a stem diameter of 0.25” to 2.25”.


If you have any questions relating nuC™ Stem Force Sensor needed for your situation, please reach out to us.  Information on our contact page provides you with the specific contact information.



  • The nuC stem force sensor is designed, manufactured, and validated under Crane Nuclear’s Appendix B, Quality Assurance Program QAM-1.
  • Refer to Engineering Reports ER-5.0 (MOV) or ER-25 (AOV) for details regarding the accuracy of the nuC stem force sensor

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