Optical Displacement Measuring Transducer (DMT) by Crane NuclearOptical Displacement Measuring Transducer (DMT) by Crane Nuclear

Sensors and Peripherals

Optical Displacement Measuring Transducer (DMT)



CRANE Nuclear’s Optical Displacement Measuring Transducer (Optical DMT or ODMT) is used to measure axial spring pack movement. It determines the existence of certain actuator degradations and can also predict the torque developed by the motor operated valve.

  • Magnetically mounted
  • Measures spring pack displacement
  • ASSIST enabled
  • 1½ inch measurement range
  • Accepts a 6-32 stylus extension
  • Spring pack gap, cyclic loading, loose stem nut, lock nut hydraulic locking, excessive preload, seat and valve guide concerns, and drive train degradations can all be detected by monitoring spring pack displacement.
  • Uses a rotary digital converter
  • Movement of the stylus results in a digital output signal equivalent to approximately 1150 counts per inch of stylus movement

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