Two Way Plug Valve by Crane NuclearTwo Way Plug Valve by Crane Nuclear

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Two-Way Sleeve Plug Valve



The Tufline sleeved plug valve design incorporates a fully adjustable in-line seal and dual stem seal, both of which greatly extend service life.

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  • Bi-directional flow, simple actuation, lightweight, compact design, and multiport configurations all facilitate improved system design
  • Superior, longer-lasting in-line sealing – The inert resilient sleeve completely surrounds the plug. The sleeve provides a large, circumferential sealing surface from port to port. Open, closed, or rotating, the seal is assured. No ball or gate valve can match this sealing power
  • No seizing. No sticking – As the plug rotates, the 360-degree lips provide a self-cleaning action to remove scaling and adhering media.
  • No cavities. No contamination – There are no body cavities where flow media can accumulate and contaminate future processing. The cavity-free design also prevents sticking.


  • Full range of body/bonnet materials
  • Full range of trim materials

Size Range

  • ½ thru 20

Pressure Rating

  • Class 150 thru Class 600

Temp Range

  • Up to 400 °F (Valves w/FEP Sleeves)
  • Up to 180 °F (Valves w/UHMWPE Sleeves)


  • 066SW
  • 067
  • 0366SW
  • 0367
  • 166BW, 166SW
  • 1366BW, 1366SW
  • 1666BW, 1666SW
  • 2067, 20367

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