VOTES Force Sensor VTS-050VOTES Force Sensor VTS-050

Sensors and Peripherals

VOTES Force Sensor



The VOTES Force Sensor measures yoke strain to determine valve stem thrust on MOVs.

  • Mounts to valve yoke, allowing full stroke testing
  • Measures seating thrust
  • Measures running thrust (full stroke)
  • Measures thrust in both open and closed direction

The VOTES Force Sensor is designed to work with an unlimited combination of actuators and valves. This strain gage sensor obtains signatures quickly and easily under both static and differential pressure conditions.  The VOTES Force Sensor is calibrated prior to use, using a secondary thrust measurement device.  The calculations for this calibration are all handled using the Crane Nuclear Diagnostic software.


Permanently mounted to the valve yoke, the VOTES Force Sensor captures data generated by valve stem action in both open and closed directions.  The Force Sensor obtains the force acting on the valve stem by measuring the equal and opposite reaction forces on the valve yoke.

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