Votes Infinity Calibration System by Crane NuclearVotes Infinity Calibration System by Crane Nuclear

Calibration Systems

VOTES® Infinity Calibration System (VICS)



The VOTES Infinity Calibration Systems (VICS) is an automated Calibration System that is used to verify that the VOTES® Infinity Data Acquisition Unit (DAU), Eddy Current Sensor Cable Assembly (ECSCA) and Contacts Cable Assembly (CCA) are operating within the specified accuracy.​

  • Using the VICS, calibration of a VOTES® Infinity DAU can be completed automatically and unattended.​
  • Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition and Switch Unit – contains switch modules and measurement modules for various output signals​
  • Multiplexer Access Unit – Provides interface access to DAU, ECSCA and CCA​
  • Storage Area for cables and adapters​
  • Automatically generated custom reports
  • The software for the calibration system is a Windows based application that automatically configures the source for verification or calibration of all the applicable voltages, currents and gains applicable to each port throughout the calibration process.​
  • Connects directly to an industry standard Fluke Calibrator that functions as both the source and the standard for each port on the DAU, CCA, and ECSCA.

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