Crane Nuclear’s Valve and Parts segment has been the industry’s most trusted OEM of valves since the onset of the nuclear industry more than 50 years ago. Consistent high-quality products with proven reliability in severe environments has established Crane Nuclear as the premier valve OEM for the industry.

Crane Nuclear offers Like for Like valves that are exact duplicate replacements of valves already installed and in service. We offer like for like valves for the full range of Crane brands.

Crane Nuclear also offers Engineer to Order valves when Like for Like is not needed. These valves are modified as necessary to meet customer requirement.

Globe Valves

Gate Valves

Duo Chek Valve by Crane Nuclear

Check Valves

Three Way Plug Valve 3 inches by Crane Nuclear

Plug Valves

Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve 4 Inches by Crane Nuclear

Ball Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valve 16 inches by Crane Nuclear

Butterfly Valves

Like For like valves

When you need an exact duplicate valve that will fit perfectly into your installed base of valves, Crane Nuclear can provide that valve. The valves will be built to the original manufacturing bills of materials and drawings with the same dimensions and general materials of construction. The parts in the new valve will be interchangeable with the parts in the originally provided valves.

engineer to order valves

Engineer to Order valves are based on customer stated requirements when a like for like valve is not necessary, such as for a plant modification project or an upgrade to an existing system. They are not exact replacements to installed valves, but they are based on the most suitable of the extensive current Crane brand designs, modified as necessary to meet customer requirements.

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