Outage Services


Crane Nuclear understands that today’s utilities need suppliers with a proven ability to deploy maintenance services to prevent, detect, and mitigate the consequences associated with valve failures and the associated systems. Crane Nuclear performs on-site valve service of manual, air-operated, motor-operated, check, safety/safety relief, and control valves including packing, repair, modifications, refurbishment and in-line machining. In addition, we perform air and motor operated valve actuator services including removal, disassembly and reassembly, cleaning, inspection, parts replacement, lubrication, calibration, and installation. Valve testing is also available through our Votes Infinity diagnostic platform for motor operated, air operated, and check valves.


Crane Nuclear has trained and certified Project Managers, Planners, Supervisors, Engineers and Technicians experienced in actuator and valve engineering, maintenance, and testing available to support valve maintenance and testing projects. Our cross-trained personnel enables us to quickly respond to outage scope changes and therefore minimizing the impact on outage schedules.

Whether it’s performing individual valve maintenance or testing scopes, or integrating testing with valve maintenance activities, Crane Nuclear uses its experience to focus on delivering the highest level of service possible.


The Service Operations Group is responsible for the implementation of industry valve related programs including motor-operated valves (MOVs), air-operated valves (AOVs), check valves (CVs), safety/safety relief valves and related engineering services. Crane Nuclear can perform Air-Operated, Motor Operated, Check Valve and Safety/Safety Relief Valve Program Management, Engineering, Maintenance, Testing, Analysis and Parts Coordination as an “Integrated” project.


Crane Nuclear provides portable machine shop trailers and actuator refurbishment trailers to support refuel outages at nuclear sites. This ensures the proper equipment will be available for use on the project at all times. Occasionally during an outage, the site machine shop may become overburdened with internal emergent priority requests, which could cause delays in accomplishing our assigned workscope.

These potential delays can be avoided with the use of our trailers. Additionally, should the site machine shop backlog become excessive, overflow machining may be performed in our trailer by our personnel, or by the site personnel.

Our refurbishment trailers are equipped to facilitate the complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair or replacement of defective parts and reassembly of motor operated valve (MOV) actuators.

Emergency Valve Parts & Machining: 800-272-6315