The Next Generation of Valve Technicians

College isn’t the only route for everyone to follow after high school. Some students thrive in a
classroom and some students thrive in a hands-on setting. The Crane Nuclear Valve Institute (CNVI) gives participants the chance to learn a skilled trade job where they train hands on to become a valve technician. Which is why CNVI attended Construction Ready a recruiting event in Atlanta, Georgia that focuses in providing students and people in the local community with the trade skills necessary to obtain great paying, entry level jobs in construction.

Not your typical job

The crossover between the skills taught by Construction Ready and the skills needed for CNVI
are similar and serve as a great foundation in order to start at CNVI. Even without experience, CNVI will can train students with the skills they will need to work in the nuclear field. With our state-of-the-art facility, small classes, and expert instructors we ensure the best environment for the success of every student.

Recent high school graduates gaining hands-on valve experience at the Crane Nuclear Valve Institute
Recent high school graduates gaining hands-on valve experience at the Crane Nuclear Valve Institute

Our Ideal candidates are recent high school graduates who have a drive and are willing to learn a new skill, but the program is open to participants at any age. Valve technicians find themselves trouble-shooting often which is why problem solving is a needed skill. Candidates that are looking for something non-traditional should consider the program. It gives you the opportunity to travel in the Spring and Fall while working all over the U.S.

Becoming a Valve Technician

CNVI focuses on teaching students basic hand tools and practices, nuclear industrial safety
practices, general valve maintenance, torquing processes, and control valve maintenance. Not only does CNVI prepare you for field work but also the lifestyle a valve technician leads. CNVI is a 6-week program that takes place in Kennesaw Georgia, after which you get the opportunity to work in the field, where after the equivalent of 1 year of experience you become a certified valve technician. Our mission is to create the next generation of valve technicians for the nuclear power industry, which is why tuition is free for the 2023 and 2024 sessions.

An industry like no other

Attending Construction Ready was a success for Crane Nuclear as the skills and lifestyle the
student learns is a great foundation to build upon to become a valve technician. Prospective students were intrigued by our program as we are offering something different, an opportunity in an industry that they likely hadn’t thought about. The candidates attending were those who are eager to learn, mechanically or technically inclined, work efficiently, take initiative, and work well with others. During the event we were able to interview 7 candidates and will have 5 of them join us in the upcoming class session. If any of the skills mentioned above resonate with you, apply to our program, you are guaranteed job placement after the program in the next outage season!

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