Why you should buy OEM replacement parts

When you make an investment in a valve, you look for reliability and longevity. But inevitably, regardless of the industry, with time and wear every valve will need maintenance and repair. When this occurs, you have a decision to make. Should you go back to the original manufacturer to purchase the necessary parts orwill an aftermarket part do the trick. Let’s explore the two options.

Aftermarket Parts:

Aftermarket parts are parts that have been reverse engineered by a parts manufacturer that did not originally make that part. These manufacturers replicate the part and usually sell it for less than the original manufacturer. In addition to a lower cost, you will likely have more purchasing options.However, these manufacturers do not have the detailed specifications that were initially used to create that part for your valve. This can mean that the part may not fit exactly right, or that it may not be held to the same quality standards as the original one. In some cases where the part does fit, it can cause a change in performance.  While aftermarket parts can work just fine, you should ask questions about the quality of that part, especially if the price seems ‘too good to be true’.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)Parts for Your Valve:

OEM parts were designed and created specifically for the valve you purchased. In many cases, they may have been highly engineered for that particular valve and even for the application in your system. The OEM will have the detailed drawing withall of the specifications used when that part was originally created, including all dimensions, materials, tolerances, etc.

You may still be wondering; why should I care? Are OEM parts even worth the higher cost?

Here are the main reasons to buy OEM parts:

  1. Dependable Quality The OEM has the expertise on your valve to ensure the parts are created to the high quality and design standardsyou require and expect.The parts are tested to ensure all regulations and specifications are followed so you have confidence in their quality.
  2. Reliable Operation
    With an OEM part you can have peace of mind knowing that there are no compromises when it comes to the fit and function of the parts you bought. Buying the right parts will prolong the life and reliable operation of your investment.
  3. Ease of Purchase – We know exactly what you need.
    Finding the right aftermarket supplier takes time and finding the right part that fits your valve can be daunting. An OEM will know exactly what part fits your valve, making it faster for you to complete any repair or maintenance on your valve so you can get back to normal operation.
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