Small Modular Reactors

At the forefront of change

Crane Nuclear has always been ready to support the nuclear industry through every big change. We recognize that this is one of those times. The strong support for small modular reactors and advanced reactors around the world is re-energizing the nuclear power industry and we are once again ready to provide the right solution for you. 

Specialized Solutions
for Emerging Technology

Crane Nuclear has a strong history of providing specialized solutions for new and emerging nuclear power reactors. We’ve worked closely with nuclear reactor developers to provide a line of valve products that will meet stringent customer specifications while maintaining the highest quality. This allows us to be long-term partners in your success.

Complete line of Valves

Crane Nuclear provides a complete line of gate, globe, ball, check, quarter-turn, and specialty valves. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with you to find the best solution for your application and need.

Emergency Valve Parts & Machining: 800-272-6315