Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check ValvePressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve


Pressure Seal Tilting Disk Check Valve



Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Valves close rapidly with an exceptionally tight shutoff, needing only to swing 45⁰ to fully open and close.

  • Uncomplicated design has segment retaining ring and mild steel silver plated (or graphite) gasket to aid disassembly and provide maximum bonnet seal
  • Internal Disc Hanger – unique arrangement eliminates pin seal leakage and simplifies maintenance.
  • The CNI tilting disc check valve uses gravity to rapidly close the disc upon reversal of flow.
  • This short-arc coupled with the low pendulum effect achieved by pivoting the disc through a point near its center of gravity assures rapid closure.


  • Full range of body materials
  • Full range of trim materials

Size Range

  • 2 thru 24
  • 8 x 6 x 8 thru 22 x 20 x 22

Pressure Rating

  • Class 900 & Class 1500

Temp Range

  • Up to 1000 °F (Carbon steel valves)
  • Up to 1500 °F (Stainless steel valves)


  • 7109
  • 7115
  • 7125


  • L973
  • L1573
  • L2573

Pacific Valves

  • 58809-7, 58809-RJ, 58809-7-WE
  • 58815-7, 58815-RJ, 58815-7-WE
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